SEVENTEEN Completely Blew This American Choreographer Away With Their Moves

While international K-Pop fans may know how incredibly talented Korean idols are, the rest of the world is just learning and this American choreographer just got a first-hand look at just how amazing SEVENTEEN is.

SEVENTEEN is currently in Los Angeles, Nevada, taking the time to improve their dance skills and learn from some of the best in the American industry. While they were in the studio, they blew American choreographer Bobby Darnell Dacones completely away with their crisp moves and incredible talent.

Dacones is a well-respected choreographer who has worked with artists such as Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake, and he couldn’t help but be impressed by SEVENTEEN’s performance unit (unfortunately, Jun was unable to attend the workshop with the rest of his unit). Dacones was so impressed with their work that he gave them a shoutout on Instagram.


I heard these fellas are called #seventeen – Does anyone know who these fellas are? They’re a K-Pop boy band, they were suuuuuper clean and suuuuuuper fresh, was trying to figure this out. Shoutout to @riedmartin and @martin_visuals for shooting and editing this ?

— Bobby Darnell Dacones

Bobby uploaded a video of The8, Dino, and Hoshi dancing to Chris Brown‘s “Privacy” and had nothing but the most positive of words for them.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s dance video of Chris Brown’s “Privacy” below: