SEVENTEEN Dancing In Boyfriend Fashion Is Even Hotter Than Them Dancing In Stage Outfits

They’re nailing the looks and the moves!

In a recently uploaded YouTube video of their “HIT” choreography practice, SEVENTEEN members boasted their casual fashion styles – or their best “boyfriend” looks – and Carats are wild in love.

1 seventeen

Packed with 13 different “athletic” looks, SEVENTEEN’s dance practice video soon became one of the most visually pleasing contents shared for Carats!

From Mingyu‘s Black Panther type tight-fitting tracksuit…


… to Joshua‘s spotlight-stealing pink shirt…

… plus Dino‘s adorable Harry Potter glasses…


… and even S.Coups‘s blue-on-blue tennis player look,

Carats can’t keep their eyes off the members – especially at how soft they all look, compared to their usual on-fleek stage dos!

In addition, the dance practice video helped Carats get a deeper understanding of how the members manage to stay 200% in synchronization when they perform on stage.


SEVENTEEN has always been discussed as one of the most in-sync team when it came to group dances – and this video, capturing their levels of energy and passion even at practice sessions, shows exactly how they keep it that way.

Watch the full clip here:

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