SEVENTEEN Captivates Fans with the Most Compelling Debate About Pigeons

Would you rather live AS a pigeon for a year or live WITH pigeons for a year?

SEVENTEEN recently captivated their fans by discussing the topic of whether they would rather live as a pigeon for a year or if they would rather live with pigeon roommates for a year.

In the case of living with pigeon roommates, the condition is that they must live with at least 5 pigeons in their room for a year.

But if they decided to live as a pigeon for a year instead, that would mean you’d have to live that way with your memories of your past human life still existing.

In response, Mingyu expressed that he would rather live as a pigeon.

Pigeons can fly. Ironman flies with machinery, but pigeons can just fly. I’d rather live as a pigeon.

– Mingyu

Jun also agreed with this with an explanation of his own.

I can always live with pigeons if I wanted, but people can’t actually live as pigeons.

– Jun

But Hoshi disagreed and chose to live with pigeons instead.

If you live as a pigeon, your environment isn’t good. You have to eat whatever off the streets. It’s also hard to control your sphincter.

– Hoshi

Jeonghan also agreed to live with pigeons but for a different reason.

If I live with pigeons, I won’t have to sacrifice my dignity. I wouldn’t have to live with a sense of shame.

– Jeonghan

The originality of the debate topic, as well as the members’ thoughtful responses, drew both fascination and laughter among fans.

Click here to watch the full debate.

Source: Insight


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