SEVENTEEN’s Definition Of Success For A K-Pop Group Is 100% Humble

“You succeeded as long as…”

SEVENTEEN sat down for an interview on the Zach Sang Show to dive deep into the meaning of their newest album and how much they’ve grown as artists. Since they’ve been together for ten years and recently celebrated their seventh anniversary as a group, the topic of success was necessary.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Because SEVENTEEN has continued to sell out concerts worldwide and sell over one million albums with every comeback, Zach Sang wondered how the boys viewed their milestones. He asked, “How do you guys define success for you and as a group?

Rather than focus on the numbers or awards, the members weren’t worried about those things at all. There was something much more important. Seungkwan said, “I define happiness as a success factor.

S.Coups shared Seungkwan’s thoughts by answering, “You succeeded as long as you are happy at what you do.

Joshua took it even further by expanding the definition to more people than just themselves. He was moved by helping other people be happy too.

If you have the ability to share that happiness and help people become happy, that’s another way to define success, in my opinion.

— Joshua

Although SEVENTEEN is successful in the traditional sense, all the members are worried about is being happy and helping fans be happy too. After all, are you really successful if you aren’t enjoying life?

Dino, Jeonghan, and Joshua. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch the members prove that awards and numbers aren’t the true indicators of success.