SEVENTEEN’s Dino And Seungkwan Go At Each Other Only To Make Up With A Loving Hug

It’s all about love at the end!

Group SEVENTEEN made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros and had a fun time playing games, choosing the top 3 visuals, and more with the cast members.

Comedian Lee Soo Geun asked maknae Dino, “Is there anything that’s giving you a hard time these days as the maknae of the group?”

Dino replied right away, “Yes it’s hard,” in which Seungkwan commented, “Just tell us comfortably!”

After some thought, Dino started, “Other hyungs listen to my problems when I talk about a dilemma or when I’m having a hard time…”

“…but Seungkwan hyung always tries to find the answer or solution to my dilemma.”

In cases like this, Dino wishes to hear words of consolation instead of advice.

In Seungkwan’s defense he states, “I’m doing that because I don’t like to see you worried about useless things.”

After seeing their conversation, Lee Soo Geun asks, “Then does Seungkwan and Dino butt heads quite often?”

Seungkwan felt that it was probably because Dino is comfortable around him. “Dino is the most comfortable around me so sometimes he becomes too comfortable with me…”

“…and sometimes I get shocked by his behavior and the way he talks to me, his hyung.” 

Dino, who was young at the time, would not apologize in a genuine manner and sometimes sarcastically say things like, “Do you want me to kneel on my knees then?”

Seeing Dino act like this, Seungkwan couldn’t take it any more and grabbed him by his throat.

Dino was quietly listening to Seungkwan tell the story, but interrupted as soon as he heard ‘throat’. “Throat? It wasn’t the throat! It was…”

Seunkwan cut Dino off right away after seeing that the story had gone too far. He quickly apologized to Dino and they tried to wrap up the situation.

Dino also apologized to Seungkwan and the two of them expressed their love(?) to each other with an ending hug!

Who knows what truly went down for the ending of that story!