SEVENTEEN’s Dino And Seungkwan Always Make New Staff Members Worried, Here’s Why

New fans react the same way too.

While SEVENTEEN‘s thirteen members can be overwhelming to new staff members, Dino and Seungkwan cause a bit of worry for a completely different reason.

Seungkwan and Dino. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Whenever Seungkwan and Dino are in the company of new staff members or those who aren’t part of their company, they get the same question. Dino agreed as Seungkwan said, “New staff members and outside staff ask us, ‘Are you okay?’

Seungkwan shared a few other questions they get asked as well, “‘Doesn’t that bother you? Are you guys cool?’” They caused worry among the staff but shared the understandable reason why.

Just like brothers, Dino and Seungkwan always find themselves playfully arguing with one another. From the outside looking in, it may seem serious.

So in the waiting room, whether it’s on TV or not, if it’s not the two of us, even when it’s the two of us, we argue a lot. We say things in the face.

— Seungkwan

That wasn’t the case for them. Instead, bickering was how Seungkwan and Dino stayed close. Seungkwan explained, “But it’s like saying good morning for us. It’s just a greeting for us.

Seungkwan pointed out that even new fans might be fooled by it by saying, “I’m sure some of you might have thought so.

Although Seungkwan and Dino might be bickering, there’s no ill will behind it. They’re just playing around and proving how close they really are.

| @pledis_17/Twitter
Source: Naver Live