SEVENTEEN’s DK Becomes The Fastest Rapper Of The Group

Vernon approves this addition to the Hip-Hop Team.

In an episode of Going SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN had more fun enjoying the noraebang, singing room, rather than trying to escape it for their mission. In the process, DK showed off his stellar rapping skills.


When he, Hoshi, and Jeonghan teamed up to attempt a perfect score, he rapped like his life depended on it.

He did it so fast that the rest of SEVENTEEN couldn’t hide their amused reactions. S.Coups couldn’t stay still in his seat while Dino, Mingyu, and Woozi jumped out of theirs. No one was safe from DK’s rap attack.

After this performance, the Hip-Hop Team now has five members. From Vernon‘s laughter, he’s a welcome addition. See SEVENTEEN’s fastest rapper DK blow everyone away.