The One Thing SEVENTEEN’s DK Misses Most About Their Trainee Days

It wouldn’t hold the same meaning if they did it now.

Though SEVENTEEN has many memories from their trainee days, DK revealed the one he missed most.

DK | @pledis_17/Twitter

During the group’s interview with India Today, the host Bhavna Agarwal asked the group, “Do you miss anything at all when it comes to your training days?” There was one moment DK immediately thought of.

During our trainee days, we would practice [and] get dinner. Then, we would have like thirty minutes to an hour to spare.

— DK

Rather than use that time to sit back and relax, the SEVENTEEN members would keep their adrenaline going with a fun sport. DK explained, “We would run over to a soccer field nearby, or a basketball court, and just play together.

DK remembered those times so vividly because they were “moments of comfort” that made them “leave all worries behind.

But when the host asked the group if they wanted to return to their trainee days, Hoshi made them laugh by saying, “We are super happy where we are today.” DK agreed, “Those moments seem great because they’re memories.

Since they can’t redo those moments, Seungkwan offered a reasonable solution by suggesting the members can play soccer whenever they want, especially if they turn it into a funny moment for GOING SEVENTEEN.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch DK and the members reflect on how much those small sports breaks meant to them.