SEVENTEEN DK Picks Member Who Matches Him Best And One Who He’s Awkward With

Since they’re a family, there’s always one member who fits each role.

SEVENTEEN‘s thirteen members give fans enough options to choose a bias, or more than one. Their size also works to the members’ advantage.

In addition to being as close as family, they can also connect with at least one member whose personality matches closely with theirs. DK revealed which member fulfilled that role for him and which he still felt just a little awkward around.

Curious if there was a member who understood DK best, the interviewer asked him to choose one. He didn’t need any time to think the question through. There was one member who complemented him well: Jeonghan.

Although SEVENTEEN has been together for many years, it’s not out of the ordinary to still share awkward moments with each other. After being asked who he would feel that way around, DK once again didn’t hesitate. It was Wonwoo, under one condition, “Wonwoo hyung. If there’s only him and I.

Naturally, it wasn’t because DK and Wonwoo weren’t close or hostile towards each other. Like all the members, they had a bond. There was just a shift in the vibe that caused a bit of awkwardness, “It’s not that we’re not so friendly. The atmosphere’s slightly different.

Based on the way Wonwoo loves to play pranks on DK, they’re far from being awkward with each other. They simply interact differently with one another.

After all, SEVENTEEN couldn’t indeed be a family without having so many different levels of friendships among them.