SEVENTEEN’s DK Has An Out Of Body Experience As Jeonghan Lovingly Coaches Him Through Eating Fried Grasshopper

Jeonghan enjoyed this a little too much! 😂

SEVENTEEN are currently on the North American leg of their Be The Sun world tour and have been wowing audiences with their performances and having plenty of fun on and off stage!

The group are also getting plenty of chances to try new things as well! In a new SEVENTEEN’s SNAPSHOT clip posted to online, Jeonghan and DK are seated outside with Jeonghan discussing his penalty for just losing a round of rock, paper, scissors. Jeonghan reveals that he must eat some grasshopper snacks that he purchased while the group were in Canada for their Be The Sun tour date.

He shows a bit of reluctance but seems to have accepted his fate, even remarking that they are “cheese flavored.”

Once Jeonghan opens the package and begins to take a closer look, DK can be heard in the background exclaiming “Wow, I hate it!” and making other generally worked-up noises. Jeonghan proceeds to eat a grasshopper while showing very little reaction and then eats another to prove that he does think they taste good.

With the final three bugs, Jeonghan proposes another round of rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to eat them. DK is obviously not a fan of the idea and looks faint before even playing the round. He then loses the first round, and the reality begins to set in as he looks even more hilariously stressed.

After losing again, DK seems to accept his fate until Jeonghan places a grasshopper in his hand causing him to yell. It even takes him a few moments to be able to look at it but all the while Jeonghan is assuring him that it’s not that bad and actually doesn’t taste like anything. Jeonghan then covers DK’s eyes and proceeds to countdown from three multiple times in order to try to get him to eat it.

When DK asks if he can just eat one, Jeonghan graciously allows this and DK prepares himself again. He finally puts it into his mouth and freezes before slowly chewing while looking as though his soul has left his body. Jeonghan can be heard coaching him on how to eat it, much like a parent having their child try something new for the first time.


As it turns out, DK’s reaction was all for nothing as he eats another and admits that it was all right eating one at a time. Jeonghan closes out the video with a satisfied look on his face, living up to his chaotic image yet again.