The Endearing Reason Behind SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Love For His Emotional Support Sword

Who needs an emotional support animal when you have a sword?

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has gone viral for many things, whether for his angelic visuals, mischievous tricks, or chaotic true stories. Recently, one habit of his caught everyone’s attention: Jeonghan’s love for his emotional support sword.

Jeonghan first received the sword at a fansign during “HOT” promotions and was seen taking it home with him after the event was over. He liked the sword so much that he took it with him to SEVENTEEN’s stage performance the next day at Inkigayo.

This wasn’t the only place he carried his toy sword to. Jeonghan was seen carrying the sword with him at an online fanmeeting event, and he even kept it by his side during SEVENTEEN’s dance practices.

Considering how Jeonghan takes his sword everywhere, it’s no surprise that Jeonghan had it with him at SEVENTEEN’s concert in Seoul. The joy he expresses just getting to hold the sword, even with his injured arm, melts the hearts of all CARATs, making his obsession with the sword another endearing fact about Jeonghan.

And while his toy sword might not have passed the security checks when SEVENTEEN started their global tour, Jeonghan has a tinier version of the sword to keep with him while SEVENTEEN’s on tour.

Everyone can agree that it’s an adorable habit, but the reason behind his love for the sword is even more heartwarming. For Jeonghan, his habit of holding onto something helps him keep his peace of mind. In an interview with Fanthology!, whether it be spoons or chopsticks (or toy swords), Jeonghan feels secure when holding onto an object.

I don’t know why, but I feel secure whenever I hold disposable spoons or chopsticks. I feel a sense of security whenevery my hand grabs onto something.

— Jeonghan

Cute and meaningful, Jeonghan and his emotional support tools will forever hold a special place in CARATs’ hearts.

Source: Fanthology