SEVENTEEN’s DK Reveals Hoshi’s “Cute” Drinking Habit

Hoshi becomes even cuter after a few drinks.

While filming episodes of Going SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN can be seen having a drink with each other from time to time. Because of that, fans have a glimpse of how the members act when they have a little too much alcohol.

Thanks to DK, fans now know two of Hoshi‘s drinking habits that’ll make you think he’s even more adorable.

For a solo interview, DK answered some questions about his fellow members. When the host asked if there was one who had any drinking habits, he thought of the one and only “Hoshi hyung.” Fortunately, he didn’t leave everyone clueless and revealed just how different Hoshi becomes.

Since Hoshi is energetic on stage and calm off stage, he’s somewhere in between when he’s having a drink. DK pointed out that Hoshi becomes affectionate by hugging them and saying, “He’ll tell people, ‘I love you. Thank you.'”

Next, Hoshi finished it off with what DK thought was the cutest part. A hug wasn’t enough for Hoshi to show his affection; he needed to take it up a notch. DK mentioned, “And, even kiss them. Cute.”

If you think Hoshi is adorable in his usual form, he’s even more so when he’s drinking. Just imagining him warmly hugging and kissing his members, with appreciative words, is enough to make anyone become his fan.

Watch DK spill the adorable information about Hoshi’s habits here.