SEVENTEEN’s DK Will Get Emotional Over Just About Anything And Everything

He’s a real softie.

SEVENTEEN‘s DK has been affectionately nicknamed the “Crybaby” by Carats. That is because he will get emotional about just about anything and everything. Fans have seen him tear up over the smallest things at the most random times – and have gotten so used to seeing him be the big softie he is!


Here are some of the things that make DK emotional. The most obvious is his love for the fans. More often than not at concerts, DK will thank the fans for their endless love and support, then casually burst into tears. In fact, DK’s fan-loving tears know no boundaries and they will come whenever and wherever he talks about them!

I can pull through the day smiling because I have Carats… (cries)

— DK


Sometimes, the waterworks come from his perfectionist personality. When he feels like something wasn’t done to his utmost satisfaction – perhaps like a performance or a recording session – he will end up getting dramatic about it.

I was too nervous today… I have my family watching tonight and I… feel like I didn’t show you guys my best… (cries)

— DK


Then there are times when his love for his own teammates get the best of him – like the time he wanted to praise Vernon for maturing into a fine young man. When it comes to tears shed for displaying his affection for his members, DK will not even try to hide them!

I am so proud of how the small trainee Vernon that I used to know grew into the man he is today… (cries)

— DK


Sometimes, DK’s emotions will stir up when he looks back to his trainee days. Once, he was talking about a time he ditched practice – and when his parents found out, they were furious. Feeling alone in the world and unsupported, DK hung up the phone. Reliving the day made DK feel misunderstood all over again – and so he cried.

I felt like they weren’t trying to understand where I’m coming from, so I hung up… (cries)

— DK


Carats know, however, that it is this “soft side” of DK that gives him the ability to sing like he does. His singing, with the expressiveness in his voice, is unrivaled and it is largely thanks to this sensitive and emotional aspect of him. Without it, he simply wouldn’t be DK. And Carats love DK as he is, DK the Crybaby.

Source: YouTube