If You Stan SEVENTEEN, You Must Hone Your Rapping Skills

Make sure you warm up before trying.

A fun part of stanning K-Pop groups, aside from being mind blown by the level of pure talent and UWUing over breathtaking visuals, is learning and doing the fan chants for their songs. And of such unique and exciting fan chants in the K-Pop world, there is the infamous SEVENTEEN name chant, forcing Carats to scream the members’ names in under 5 seconds!


For each track the group promotes, SEVENTEEN releases a tutorial for the fan chant. Their latest bop “Home” actually has a rather mild name chant part, with the 13 members divided into three reasonable sections.


SEVENTEEN, however, likes to push Carats with these chants. For the track “CLAP”, Carats had to step up their game and chant the members’ 13 first names in about 10 seconds. Look how excited the members got, blessing their fans with this mission!


By the time SEVENTEEN got to promoting “Oh My!”, fans had to clear all 13 names, both first and last, in less than 10 seconds. Carats, a group of aspiring rappers and Show Me The Money contestants, handled this with grace though, because they have had to do worse before…


… during SEVENTEEN’s promotion of “Thanks”. Carats were really put through the test when the members wanted each and every one of their names chanted in one breath, under 5 seconds!


The five-second-thirteen-names fan chant is so intense that not even SEVENTEEN members themselves can actually get it right…


… but the fans never fail to impress SEVENTEEN, with their amazing name rapping skills. It’s pretty much official – Carats are the 14th hiphop line member of SEVENTEEN! Ready to try out? It’s “Seungcheol Jeonghan Jisoo Junhui Soonyoung Wonwoo Jihoon Myungho Mingyu Seokmin Seungkwan Hansol Chan!”