SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Picked His Least Favorite Nickname, Carats Understand

Yeah, okay. So maybe that one was kinda evil.

At a recent SEVENTEEN fan meeting, a curious Carat asked S.Coups about his least favorite nickname that he has ever been given, thanks to his unique stage name…


… and his answer, Carats agree, is pretty reasonable. On a post-it handed to S.Coups by the fan, the question read, “What was the most ridiculous nickname that you’ve been given?”


S.Coups had five answer choices, as follows:

1. Asparagus
2. Gogi-coups
3. Aegul-bokgul
4. Yesup-boksup
5. Choi Sangcheol


While all five sound equally hilarious, S.Coups selected “Asparagus”. The fan shared, as she tweeted a picture of the post-it, that he thought it was extra-evil for Carats to tease him so!


S.Coups knows though, Carats don’t mean harm when they call him Asparagus (and more). It is with the utmost affection when they call him names and they will continue to come up with creative nicknames for S.Coups — because they adore watching him get flustered!


Besides, if it makes a difference to S.Coups, he is definitely the handsomest asparagus of all asparaguses.


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