SEVENTEEN Fan Didn’t Let Work Stop Them From Attending Concert

They had to get a bit creative.

Although the members of SEVENTEEN were making fun and special memories on stage with fans during their SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND concerts, they weren’t the only ones.

Jeonghan and Joshua.

Fans couldn’t help noticing how dedicated one Carat was to see the group perform—even though they had work.

Wonwoo | @QBall_Ww/Twitter

In the audience for SEVENTEEN’s concert, one fan was spotted with their laptop, typing away with their downtown before the show kicked off.

Since there wouldn’t be many reasons to be on a laptop during a concert, everyone concluded she was doing work and was amused at her dedication to multi-tasking.

Between how difficult it can be to get tickets and how exciting their shows are, no one could blame the fan for attending—even if they had to work.

| @pledis_17/Twitter