SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Saved Joshua From Falling On Stage

Jeonghan hadn’t even known it.

On day one of SEVENTEEN‘s fan meeting SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND, the group created many fun memories with fans who’s been waiting to finally see the boys in person. One of those special moments was Jeonghan being at the right place at the right time to save Joshua from falling.

Joshua, Jeonghan, and S.Coups.

Since SEVENTEEN couldn’t beat the tradition of rain happening during their fan meetings, the stage was a bit slippery from the light drizzle. So when Joshua jogged across the stage, it turned out a bit dangerous.

| @xixiluv95/Twitter

Joshua slipped and almost fell backward. Fortunately for him, Jeonghan happened to be right there at the right time. Joshua grabbed onto Jeonghan to balance himself.

| @xixiluv95/Twitter 

Joshua had used enough force that even Jeonghan slid backward just a bit. In the end, both of them avoided falling and stayed safe.

| @xixiluv95/Twitter 

Because Jeonghan had been at just the right place to save Joshua, fans were thankful. They’re always looking out for each other—even when they don’t know it.

Source: Twitter


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