SEVENTEEN Fans Use #CaratsGoingToJailParty After Breaking Billboard Korea’s Rules

Carats can make the best out of any situation, even facing “legal action.”

In the world of K-Pop, there’s always a funny hashtag going around to celebrate one event or a funny moment. This time, SEVENTEEN fans had a hashtag dedicated to poking fun at themselves for actually breaking rules.

They shared the funniest memes. From jamming to the sirens from “Back It Up”,

to dancing to “Aju Nice” in their prison uniforms after being arrested.

They even put together how shocked the SEVENTEEN members would react from finding the whole fandom in jail. Here’s what all the funniness had genuinely been about.

Photos from SEVENTEEN’s photoshoot with Billboard Korea ended up in the hands of fans. Eager to share the photos, Carats spread them, and some went as far as editing them for higher quality. Little did fans know, they were unreleased photos that had been leaked.

As soon as Billboard Korea noticed the spreading of the photos through Twitter, they quickly took action. The company sent messages to the accounts that had tweeted them.

In both Korean and English, they asked for fans’ cooperation in taking the photos down:

Hello, this is Billboard Korea. Photos of Billboard Korea Magazine Vol.3 you uploaded are not released yet. We will take strong legal action against uploaders who uploaded unreleased photos. Please delete them. We apologize for the inconvenice. Yours sincerely,

Realizing what had happened, Carats cooperated and removed the unreleased photos. That didn’t stop them from poking fun at themselves for the funny situation they’d ended up in.