SEVENTEEN’s Fire Special Effects Look Amazing But Caused A Funny Stage Mistake

None of them knew what to expect when working with fire.

To make sure their BE THE SUN tour is the best it could be, SEVENTEEN tried out special fire effects for their “March” stage, leaving fans amazed.

While the group makes it look amazing on stage, Seungkwan shared the hilarious mistake it caused when they first tried it out.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

When iHeartRadio host JoJo Wright asked SEVENTEEN if they faced any “funny on-stage mistakes” during BE THE SUN, Seungkwan couldn’t help thinking of their “March” stage. He mentioned the bursts of fire at the beginning and end of the stage.

As Vernon agreed, Seungkwan explained how difficult the heat made it to keep their charismatic facial expressions. He said, “We couldn’t keep a straight face because the fire was too hot.

DK joked, “[We] thought we were getting barbequed,” while Seungkwan confirmed, “My face was burning.” Seungkwan even imitated how they’d first reacted by frowning up his face and moving back from the fire.

Vernon shared how they’d taken the full blast of heat from the fire before realizing they had to retreat to safety.

We didn’t expect that heat at first, so we were just standing there. And when the fire came up, we were like, ‘Oh, we have to back up.’

— Vernon

Fortunately, the group avoided burning off their eyebrows and safely used the special fire effects to their benefit.

Hoshi starting “March”. | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

See DK, Vernon, and Seungkwan laugh about the mistake they’d initially made when working with the fire effects.

Source: YouTube


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