SEVENTEEN Flex Their Friendship With MONSTA X In Twist On Their TikTok Challenge

Hoshi and I.M showed everyone how it’s done.

With TikTok dance challenges becoming the latest trend, what better way to have some fun with it than having a friend join you? For a clip that had fans pleasantly surprised, MONSTA X joined SEVENTEEN for a special collaboration.

Through SEVENTEEN’s TikTok account, the group uploaded a clip for their #LeftRightChallenge that looked different than their previous ones. It starred Hoshi, I.M, and Wonwoo.

Right from the beginning, Hoshi and I.M showed their teamwork. With the gym as their background, they bumped fists and prepared to tear it up.

While SEVENTEEN’s challenge had celebrities doing a play on the lyrics “left and right” and fans swaying left and right to the choreography, these two knocked all of that out of the water.

Completely switching lanes, I.M and Hoshi bust out the powerful moves to MONSTA X’s “Fantasia”. Although it could seem totally out of the blue, the footwork causes them to move their foot left and right, still fitting the challenge perfectly.

To show how much they approved the crossover, Wonwoo ended the video on the right note. As the camera panned to him, he showed an impressed expression and gave a thumbs up. This is what Carats and Monbebes love to see.

Check out MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN showing off their friendship with a clever crossover for the challenge.

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