The Touching Promises Held Within SEVENTEEN’s Matching Rings Will Melt Your Heart

Like there is no end to a ring, SEVENTEEN’s friendship will last forever.

SEVENTEEN are known for many things, like their impeccable synchronization and chaotic interactions, but at the heart of it all is their inseparable friendship. Having spent years together, even before their debut, SEVENTEEN’s love for one another runs deep, and there’s one item they always wear that represents this deep bond: their matching rings.

For any new Carats or anyone who doesn’t yet know, SEVENTEEN have had matching rings from before debut. The rings were given to them as a promise that links not only SEVENTEEN together, but the people who support them like family. However, for their debut project, the members were told to take off their rings and work hard to regain them to prove their loyalty and belief in the promises the rings held.

Since then, the members have changed rings every time they come back with a full album, proudly showing them in interviews and videos.

For their fifth ring, SEVENTEEN incorporated their fans into the concept in recognition of the love and support Carats have showered them with over the years.

Since their fifth ring is similar to their debut ring as it’s the first ring after their contract renewal, SEVENTEEN have been exceptionally proud to explain the deep meaning behind the rings everywhere they go.

Of course, they have never passed up an opportunity to show off their rings in the past either.

Their rings are so iconic that even Gaon Chart gave them a diamond ring as a gift, along with the trophy they won at the 2020 Gaon Chart Music Awards.

And when the members are away from each other, the rings serve as a way to remind them of their promise to be together until the end.

SEVENTEEN have also promised each other never to take their rings off, and while it doesn’t seem practically possible to always wear the ring, DK is proof that SEVENTEEN will do anything to avoid taking their rings off.

Even if they do remove their rings, they can never leave them off for long.

SEVENTEEN has a bond that has been forged through fire and steel, and we can’t wait to see how many rings they’ll have in the future.


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