The Marketing Head Of “Going SEVENTEEN” Gets Real About What The Staff Really Think About Them And Their Variety Show Skills

They based it off the episode “WONWOO’s Diary.”

SEVENTEEN has an iconic web series that has been airing since 2017. It spans five seasons of games, activities, challenges, and more featuring the 13 members of the boy group.


In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, the head of the GOING SEVENTEEN marketing team, Yi Yun Ju, gave a behind the scenes perspective on the episode “WONWOO’s Diary” as well as the staff’s views on the members.

1. Their creativity is overwhelming.

First up, he confirmed that majority of the show is unscripted. The ones behind the camera can always rely on SEVENTEEN to deliver a fun and engaging performance without much prompting. Since this particular episode was a skit on the fictional town of Seong Ri, the staff only gave the members a general idea of their characters and left the rest to their overwhelming creativity.

The whole structure of the episode was based on what the members improvised. We just gave them a general outline and the rest is all thanks to their skills. Now they don’t even feel flustered if we just, you know, throw them into a random situation.

— Yi Yun Ju

And they delivered! There were fun scenes such as Mingyu asking for Hoshi‘s name despite being his manager…

…and “lazy bums” Joshua and Jeonghan lathering shampoo on their hair and filming without rinsing it off.

2. They keep everyone on their toes.

In relation to this, the spontaneous nature of SEVENTEEN continues to surprise the staff despite knowing them for several years. The scenes that made Yi Yun Ju’s jaw drop were related to Joshua and Jeonghan.

I think the highlight is when Yoon Nieun (Jeonghan) and Jo Giyeok (Joshua) are on-screen together. Previous episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN showed Jeonghan to be a strategist and a master of mind games, while Joshua’s been painted as someone who very occasionally can’t hide his crazy side. We expected them to be a duo of handsome, lazy bums, but they did even better with their characters than expected. One of them stops in the middle of washing their hair and says things like, ‘You want? (Do you want to wash your hair?)’ and, ‘Look Tho (You look like Thomas).’

— Yi Yun Ju

The staff has realized that they can never expect something to go exactly the way they plan whenever it comes to SEVENTEEN.

We never expected them to say such iconic lines. They really took abbreviations to a new level. Whenever we shoot the show, it never goes as expected.

— Yi Yun Ju

3. They are hard working and respectful.

Finally, Yi Yun Ju couldn’t help but praise the work ethic of the members. They always give their full effort without making crude or inconsiderate jokes no matter how many episodes they have filmed so far.

The group members and the staff are always working to make sure GOING SEVENTEEN is always full of laughs without crossing the line. The members get fully immersed in each episode but they never say or do anything that would hurt each other. I think people naturally get a look into the real teamwork SEVENTEEN has by watching the show because they’re always so considerate.

— Yi Yun Ju

It’s obvious why everyone enjoys working with SEVENTEEN!

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Source: Weverse Magazine
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