SEVENTEEN’s Hair And Makeup Artists Reveal The Exact Contents Of Their Work Bags

Do you own any of these items?

K-Pop idols are always in the spotlight, so the hair and makeup artists they work with make it a point to equip themselves with the best tools and products.

Recently, professional hair and makeup artists who have worked with SEVENTEEN and Super Junior were invited to share their experience on an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders.”

Daho (left) and Kim Min Seon (right) | @AYO/YouTube

They revealed the contents of their work bags, and some items were surprising! Check them out below.

1. Hair Stylist

Daho, a professional hair stylist, revealed the contents of his bag first. He explained that the most commonly used product is hair spray.

The rest of the items include a dryer, curler, gel, wax, tail comb, and tweezers.

Afterwards, he explained that he would need double or triple the number of products if the idols are shooting a pictorial or music video.

If they’re shooting a pictorial or music video, I would need double, triple of these supplies.

— Daho

2. Makeup Artist

On the other hand, Kim Min Seon, a professional makeup artist, also revealed the contents of her bag.

If the most commonly used product for Daho is a hair spray, hers are a handheld fan and lots of tissue.

Aside from the fan and tissue, her bag includes different shades of concealers to match each member.

She also carries with her a variety of contour creams to create shadows in the idols’ faces.

Finally, she explained the interesting reason why lotion is a must-have item for her.

If you keep fixing their makeup, the dead skin cells appear and the makeup comes off, so I just wipe it all off with lotion.

— Kim Min Seon

Learn more from professional hair and makeup artists and their experience with idols in the full video below.

Source: AYO


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