SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Advice To Rookie K-Pop Idols On How To Spot Cameras On Stage

They wanted new idols to avoid their mistakes.

SEVENTEEN reflected on their 2015 debut stage and shared advice for newer K-Pop idols who could avoid their past mistakes.


Even though the group practiced how to spot cameras on stage during their training, it wasn’t easy for all the members to accomplish it for their debut stage. DK recalled freezing when he first spotted the cameras.

That wasn’t the case for Hoshi and Woozi, who quickly got the hang of it. Hoshi made them laugh by saying he “caught that red light so well for [their] first performance.

Woozi felt the same and explained how easy the cameras were to spot. However, there are rookie idols who easily miss their closeups. Hoshi offered them some advice to avoid that mistake.

Hoshi offered two ways never to miss the camera. He said, “You either look at the red light or the jimmy jib.

With nine years of experience under their belts, SEVENTEEN openly shares tips for their juniors to avoid the mistakes they made early in their career.

seventeen hoshi 2

See the group look back on their debut stage and share tips for rookie idols to follow.


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