SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Crush On A Baker Will Make You Jealous

“I fell for him…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi once had a dream of owning a bakery for carp bread and mentioned the special someone who inspired the idea.

Hoshi | Weverse

When DK shared the thought of once wanting to become the owner of a meat restaurant just to eat all the meat he wanted, Hoshi remembered having a similar dream. Hoshi wanted to sell “carp-shaped bean-jam buns.

The dream was sparked by a bun bakery in Hoshi’s hometown. He revealed, “Because the owner of the buns in my village was really handsome.” It wasn’t only his physical appearance, either.

Hoshi recalled how hard the owner worked to make the buns from scratch and how cool he looked doing it. He said, “It was hot, but he would put the flour here with no hesitation. He would put in the red beans.

The owner would finish the process by cooly closing the oven and baking the buns. After seeing the entire thing, Hoshi was amazed by him. He admitted, “I fell for him at that time.

Seeing someone show how skilled and passionate they are would inspire anyone to have a bit of a crush.

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