SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Ends The Year With The Sexiest Abs Reveal

Carats weren’t ready to be attacked.

SEVENTEEN brought sexy to KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje with the Performance Team’s “Shhh” and their “Good To Me” stage. There was one member in particular that attacked fans with his sexiness.


Hoshi appeared on stage wearing a stylish pinstripe suit. What took Carats by surprise was the layer underneath it.

He confidently showed off his torso by wearing a see-through mesh shirt in black. For a touch of modesty, there was even a black scarf artfully folded around his waist.

At first glance, everyone got a good look at Hoshi’s toned pecs and slender waist. When looking closer, all of his hard work hitting the gym had paid off.

He hadn’t only been going for a sexy look; he’d been revealing his toned six-pack.

Although everyone didn’t get a full, unobstructed view of his abs, this was enough to make Carats feel attacked.

Behind his cute face, he’d been hiding a killer body. Check out their sexy stages here to see Hoshi in action.