SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Found Jun’s Lookalike In An “I-LAND” Trainee

Move over Heechul. There’s another lookalike joining the posse.

Since the trainees of I-LAND split themselves into two teams to perform SEVENTEEN‘s “Pretty U” and “HIT”, the group decided to make an appearance themselves. While surprising the trainees and giving them feedback on the choreography they’d practiced, Hoshi made a discovery.

Although Jun already has a lookalike in Super Junior‘s Heechul, Hoshi found another one in one of the trainees.

After SEVENTEEN’s performance team watched the relay dance of the “HIT” group and provided feedback, Hoshi pointed to one of them and then to Jun. It had been Jay. Hoshi couldn’t let his observation go unnoticed, “Jay’s like Jun.

The discovery of how similar they looked surprised both Jay and Jun, making the former adorably cover his face. That sparked an idea in Hoshi. He wanted to see the two of them perform side by side, “Can you guys do ‘HIT’ together? They’re lookalikes.

Though Jay was shy, Jun quickly made him feel comfortable. As soon as he walked over to Jay, he hugged him to calm him down and give him strength. When the music began, everything went just fine. Seeing the two lookalikes dancing together had everyone excited. Hoshi hadn’t been the only one to notice the resemblance.

Those who have been tuning into I-LAND had already caught on to how similar Jay and Jun looked, hinting that Hoshi may have been noticed when tuning in as well. They’re not wrong. From the similar shapes of their eyebrows, eyes, and mouth, they could pass as siblings.

Now Jay, Jun, and Heechul could form a lookalike posse. Watch Hoshi point out the resemblance between the two and make them do a brief performance together.