SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Wearing His Gift From Jun’s Mom Will Touch Your Heart

Here’s why that accessory it so precious to them.

The bond that SEVENTEEN shares goes far beyond merely being a group. It’s so deep that it encompasses all of their families, making them an even bigger family together.

A such, their parents even treat the other members as if they were their own children.

Thanks to the group’s release of teaser photos for their upcoming album Heng:garae, it reminded everyone the members are just as fond of them as well, especially Hoshi.

At first glance, Hoshi’s teaser photo doesn’t appear out of the ordinary. Wearing a sleeveless gray sweatshirt with a long-sleeved one on top, he looked just as stylish as usual.

It was the accessories that caught everyone’s attention. Above his silver watch, Hoshi wore a thin, red bracelet. It wasn’t just any bracelet.

It had been a gift from Jun‘s mother. She gave the same bracelet to all the 96 liners of the group: Hoshi, Wonwoo, Jun, and Woozi. It was a present to celebrate 2020 as one of the years of their birth year cycle, according to the Chinese zodiac. Hoshi wasn’t the only one keeping the precious bracelet close, either.

Even though they could’ve easily kept it shut away, all of them choose to show how much they treasure the gift and each other by wearing it often.

Although the stylists most likely prepared an outfit and accessories for Hoshi to wear for his photo shoot, the fact that he kept the bracelet on proves how much he appreciated Jun’s mother.

No matter what happens, the SEVENTEEN family will always have each other.