SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals the Enormous Gifts He Gave to His Family After His Debut

Hoshi certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to family.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi surprised basically everyone when he revealed what kind of gifts he gave his family as soon as he had the money.

But before revealing what he gave them, Hoshi shared a sad story about his family’s past circumstances.

There’s a house we used to live in when my father’s business was going well. But when things got hard, we had to get out of there.

– Hoshi

So once Hoshi had the money, he bought the house back for his father.

I bought it back. I was watching TV with my mom at that house, and my dad kept wiping his tears. There were good memories at that house, so we wanted to live there again.

– Hoshi

As if that wasn’t a big enough gift, Hoshi went on to describe what he did for his mom and sister.

Hoshi explained,

I have monolids, and that came from my mom’s side. I felt like my mom and sister wanted bigger eyes so I gifted them double eyelid surgery.

– Hoshi

Now that is no small gift, not to mention the house that he bought back for his father.

When it comes to family, Hoshi certainly doesn’t hold back.

Fans are praising Hoshi with comments such as “It’s not only a house but a house with memories. His father must’ve been so touched“, “I would’ve cried, too“, “He’s such a good son“, and “I’m so proud of Hoshi“.

Source: Dispatch