SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s New “Balloon Heart” Is The Next Trendiest Idol Heart In K-Pop

Watch Hoshi’s 1:1 lesson on how to make it!

The land of K-Pop has seen the idol “hearts” evolve – from the regular old over-the-head arm heart to the crossed-fingers heart, and even to the bite-heart – but SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has the newest one he’d like to see trending!


On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Hoshi proudly presented his newest “hand heart” that he plans to flash at Carats from now on.


He called it the “Balloon Heart” and proceeded to demonstrate how it’s done:


He took his thumbs to his mouth and blew on it like he would a balloon…


… and a heart appeared! Hoshi popped the balloon heart and blew it to the hosts – charming them all at once, like the veteran idol he is!


Show host and comedian Kang Ho Dong, who was intrigued by this brand new way of making a heart, quickly picked up on the trend:


Isn’t it super cute? Be on the look out for more Hoshi-created balloon hearts from other K-Pop idols!


Watch the full clip here: