SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Couldn’t Figure Out How To Go Live For The Life Of Him

Oh, how so completely technology has failed Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi wanted to be a good K-Pop idol and share his mealtime with his Carats via a live broadcast session. Sounds simple enough…


… except Hoshi isn’t necessarily the best at dealing with electronic devices, and he couldn’t figure out how to host a live broadcast session for the life of him. With utter confusion and chaos, these “series” of broadcasts were born:


With the first one being 22 seconds, as he accidentally turns the live off while readjusting his cellphone. The tragedy begins here…


The next one ran 11 seconds long, as he turns it back on in vertical mode.


Then, the next one seemed to flow smoothly for a while, until the technical complexities failed Hoshi and Joshua again and the audio died.

(Inaudible) Oh what, you can’t hear us…?

— Hoshi


Round 4 came completely audio-less for two-and-a-half minutes. Hoshi was so bamboozled:


By the fifth and last one of this hilarious Hoshi-Can’t-Even series, Hoshi  may or may not have gotten help from someone to get the show up and running again — but at least the show went on.


Carats are rolling on the floor laughing at how miserable Hoshi seemed for his five rounds of struggle against the modern advance that is his cellphone. This lack of tech-savvy side is,  perhaps, Hoshi’s most perfect imperfection — and Carats absolutely love him for it!


Watch the #5 out of 5 broadcasts here:


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