SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals How NU’EST’s Baekho Motivated Him To Work Out

“Hyung likes to work out a lot.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently caught everyone’s attention with his mixtape “Spider” as well as his amazing physique! In his latest interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Hoshi revealed what made him start working out in the first place.


Back in March, Hoshi made everyone’s hearts explode with a shirtless clip of him working out!

Since then, Hoshi revealed amazing results through “Spider” and the outcome is clearly impressive!


In his interview, Hoshi shared that his new hobby of working out is all thanks to NU’EST‘s Baekho!

Q: What kind of exercise do you usually do?

I am receiving personal training. Thanks to NU’EST’s Dong Ho (Baekho’s real name), I started exercising for the first time.

— Hoshi

Hoshi continued and explained how Baekho had asked him to exercise with him two years ago and has been working out ever since.

Hyung (older brother) likes to work out a lot, one day he asked me to go exercise with him I followed him without thinking much and then I got into it. That’s already 2 years ago. Lately, I feel like my body has become stiff so I’m also doing pilates.

— Hoshi

Source: Esquire Korea, @hoshzone and @MnetMcountdown