SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals His Best 3 Tips For Dieting

Listen up because Hoshi is ready to drop some knowledge.

On the sixty-fifth clip of SEVENTEEN‘s ASMR radio show, Dino, The8, and Hoshi kicked it off by naming what they were eating for dinner or what they had already eaten.


That’s when Dino came across a fan’s comment of being on a diet. Viewing Hoshi as their resident diet expert, Dino asked him to take over and share his thoughts.

Hoshi, you’re an expert of diet… [What] do you think?

Hoshi clarified that he wasn’t an expert on the subject but could reveal the best tips that helped him manage his diet.

In fact, I’m not an expert of diet, but…

He started off small by changing his drinking habits. He first switched from drinking coke to diet coke.

I changed my coke to diet coke.

In a similar vein to his first tip, Hoshi took it another step further by switching the white rice that he ate to the healthier option brown rice.

I changed my rice to brown rice.

For his last tip, he recommended eating chicken breast first before anything else to make sure he would eat less.

And, I fill my stomach with chicken breast first and then I eat.

Everyone now knows how he always looks so fit. Listen to Hoshi’s best tips for a successful diet, starting at 2:41.