SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shares He Has Produced A Lot Of Songs He Wants To Release

Who else wants to hear more of Hoshi’s solo tracks?!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi wowed the world with his recent hit mixtape “Spider,” and in his recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Hoshi dished on several other tracks he’s created!

Many Carats are well aware that SEVENTEEN is a group of talented artists who often self-produce their songs, choreography, and more.

While Woozi often composed several of the group’s hits, Hoshi revealed that Woozi has shared his wisdom with him so that he can create songs of his own.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

While promoting “Spider,” Hoshi has shared numerous times how Woozi has taught him more about songwriting and it seems that Hoshi has picked up on the skill quickly! Hoshi shared in his interview that he has already produced several songs.

According to Hoshi, he had been preparing a solo for a while but as time went on, the project got further away from him. It’s due to the pandemic that Hoshi was able to take time in quarantine and focus on his solo project.

I didn’t pay much attention in 2019 because of the schedule and album preparation. Then last year, the COVID-19 outbreak happened and overseas tours were canceled, so there was time. I was able to focus on solo songs again. If I couldn’t stand on stage, I wanted to show my fans a song even by releasing the sound source through Sound Cloud.

— Hoshi

Before he knew it, Hoshi claimed he had made several songs along with “Spider.” According to Hoshi, each song is made quite well!

After making one or two songs like that, I found out that I had over 10 songs written by myself. It’s embarrassing to say it with my mouth, but there are a lot of really good songs.

— Hoshi

It doesn’t come as a surprise as CARATs already know just how talented Hoshi is in expressing himself through dance, performance, and music!