SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And Seungkwan Get Fiercely Competitive And Their Play Fighting Has Us Wheezing

They wouldn’t stop provoking each other! 😂

GOING SEVENTEEN is back with episode five, and this week’s challenge is an inflatable obstacle course. The members true personalities are shining through thanks to the competitive tension in the air, making for many hilarious face-offs.


Two members who stood out this episode in particular when it came to a fierce desire to win was Hoshi and Seungkwan. Hoshi was eager to begin after the previous episode was more about brain power than body power, and he was ready to show off his charisma. But Seungkwan was just as determined as Hoshi. The first event was a race to determine the two teams, and surprisingly enough, Seungkwan was the first to play dirty.

Hoshi was in disbelief that Seungkwan pushed him over, and thus began their little war.

The rest of the members were enjoying their little squabble, and watching them bad mouth each other.

Hoshi’s competitiveness shot through the roof when he got picked before Seungkwan, adding more fuel to the flames.

The two held nothing back, and were going at each other like middle school children.

Their squabbling seemed endless, with both of them teasing the other tirelessly.

They even squabbled over the both of them wearing hats, each insisting that they were cooler than the other.

In the next episode, Seungkwan and Hoshi will be directly competing against each other as they race through the obstacle course together. Stay tuned for the inevitable showdown! In the meantime, you can watch episode 5 below.