SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And Seungkwan Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents

From their faces, they could still feel the embarrassment 😆

During a long round of twenty-nine questions with Refinery29, one of the funny questions for SEVENTEEN was about the most embarrassing moments they had on stage. Hoshi and Seungkwan took one for the team and shared theirs.

Hoshi noted that ripping his pants took the top spot, “When your pants rip during the performance. It’s a bit embarrassing, yeah.” He wasn’t the only one who thought so.

S.Coups spoke for many of them in sharing that stage outfits caused major embarrassment. “Yeah, clothing-related accidents are the most embarrassing moments.Mingyu also agreed, “Very true,” before reminding everyone of Seungkwan’s embarrassing mishap.

Seungkwan sported a hilariously blank face to avoid recalling the memory and pretend it hadn’t been mentioned. Mingyu did it for him, “It was during our concert when we were performing a ballad song, and he was the only one in athletic wear.

Seungkwan couldn’t avoid it, demonstrating how he’d reacted when he put the wrong stage outfit on: “I was like,’I’m pretty sure this isn’t it!’

Like a professional, though, Seungkwan stepped right on stage and pretended he wasn’t wearing a whole baseball uniform for their sweet ballad “When I Grow Up”.

Though full of energy and confidence, even SEVENTEEN has their flustered moments. Watch them laugh about them, starting from 16:30.


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