SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And Seungkwan Go Viral For Their Passionate Fanboying Over MONSTA X

Monbebes can relate. 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi and Seungkwan are gaining attention for a resurfaced video clip of the boys jamming along to MONSTA X in the most hilarious way.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

During MONSTA X’s 2017 MAMA in Japan stage, the group put on a killer performance of “DRAMARAMA.”

However, for Joohoney‘s rap verse, the camera immediately switches to Hoshi who raps more passionately than any Monbebe in the audience!

Complete with every mannerism and expression, he puts on a whole rendition of the verse from his seat.

He definitely didn’t forget the ending pose!

If that wasn’t hilarious enough, Seungkwan, who is sitting directly next to Hoshi, starts rapping along to I.M.‘s verse.

He may be the main vocalist, but today, he’s the main rapper!

The way they feel is relatable to all Monbebes. MONSTA X always puts on an epic show!

Source: TheQoo