SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Spills The Reason Behind His Band-Aid Fashion

He didn’t want to mention it before.

Last month, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was spotted rocking a new airport fashion that no one had been expecting.

To match his green shirt and blue, plaid blazer, whether or not on purpose, he sported a similarly colored Pororo band-aid across his nose.

Fans were initially surprised by it. After the shock had passed, they saw that it managed to suit him, especially with his intense facial expressions.

Since Carats had been curious about it, they asked why he’d worn it. When Hoshi had washed his face, he revealed that he accidentally scratched his nose with his ring. Because it seemed like a super TMI moment, he hadn’t wanted to share it.

Contrary to his thoughts, fans were really interested, even asking why he chose Pororo specifically for the band-aid design. It turns out that choice had been up to his manager. It’s the one they picked for him that morning.

Hoshi hadn’t been purposely trying to rock a new look but looked adorable doing it.