SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Completed His “Tiger” Performance In A Shockingly Short Time, Proving He’s A Dance Legend

He’s also incredibly humble.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently collaborated with Tiger JK, releasing the surprise single “Tiger” on July 29, Global Tiger Day.

Hoshi performing “Tiger” | STUDIO CHOOM/YouTube 

The idol has continuously broadcast his love for tigers with his stage name, “Horangi-ui Siseon” (호랑이의 시선), even meaning “a tiger’s gaze” in Korean.

Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Hoshi also performed the song for Studio Choom, showing off his immeasurable dance skills and captivating energy for the camera.


In the behind-the-scenes video of his Studio Choom recording, Hoshi admits that he actually didn’t have long to practice the performance for “Tiger.”

Hoshi has always showcased his incredible dance skill. Before making his debut, he formed a dance crew and won first place at a dance competition in Namyangju, his hometown. Because of his win, Hoshi entered a province-wide competition where Pledis Entertainment noticed his skills.

| @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Since his debut, Hoshi has always been involved in choreographing SEVENTEEN’s breathtaking routines.

So although it’s no surprise that the choreography for “Tiger” was so amazing, Hoshi admitted that he only had a couple of days to practice with the dancers before his performance.

Honestly, I prepared only two days with dancers.

— Hoshi


Despite his limited time, Hoshi made the most of the time he did have to create the most impactful performance possible.

Stayed the whole night for two days and completed [the choreography] in two days.

— Hoshi


But rather than brag about how quickly he could come up with his incredible performance, Hoshi would rather fans think that his performance was so well done that it took a lot of time to prepare.

I’m not showing off that I completed in two days. I want to present the best performance just like I practiced for a long time. So people can’t notice I practiced only two days.

— Hoshi


There’s no denying that Hoshi is an incredible performer and choreographer, no matter how long he has to work on a piece.

You can watch his performance of “Tiger” here.