This Has To Be SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Boldest Trick Of All Time

We still can’t believe he got away with it.

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN has long been famous for his trickery and mischief, but one common theme among his most well-known cheats is that they were caught, either by staff or by his fellow members. Even the editors sometimes expose them in post.


However, Jeonghan’s greatest trick of all time is one rare occasion where nobody ever called him on it throughout the whole process. To this day, we’re sure he’s still proud of this one.

Most K-Pop fans have probably heard of the concept of Random Play Dance, a staple of idol variety shows. When the music from a song begins to play, members of the group race to their spots in the formation and frantically try to remember the moves. Senior idols SEVENTEEN have of course participated in this trend during their career.

SEVENTEEN during their Power of Love concert | @pledis_17/Twitter

However, in SEVENTEEN’s Random Play Dance on Weekly Idol in 2016, there is more going on than what the untrained eye can see.

The greatest scam Jeonghan’s ever pulled off occurs when “Don’t Wanna Cry,” the title track they were promoting at the time, begins to play for the last time. The members rush to their spots, and all eyes are on Woozi, who’s just a little behind in getting there.


Everything looks normal, right?


While Woozi is drawing all the attention, Jeonghan is pulling some covert operations of his own on the side. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the same formation from the official dance practice.


To the casual observer, nothing seems to be amiss. If you pay a little more attention, though, you’ll notice a glaring difference between the two images.


Jeonghan is on the complete opposite side from where he’s supposed to be! Even leader S.Coups must have noticed, because he can’t hold back his laughter when he sees Jeonghan.


Had they danced for even a second past where they stopped, Jeonghan’s fraud would have been completely exposed.


Luckily for him, though, the music stopped at just the right time, and SEVENTEEN succeeded in the Random Play Dance challenge without anyone on the Weekly Idol staff ever discovering his deceit. You can watch Jeonghan’s nefarious deed for yourself here: