SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Comes To Older K-Pop Fans’ Defense Against Being Labeled “Too Old”

It’s all about the bigger picture.

The age of K-Pop fans can range from the littlest of babies to the eldest of adults. While older fans often face the negativity of people who claim they’re “too old” to like K-Pop, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan came to their defense during his latest airing of Jeonghan’s Warm Glass Of Milk.

When recalling a memory from his childhood, Jeonghan remembered watching his dad’s back as he played a game called “Kingdom Of The Winds.” He could still visual his dad taking down the enemy squirrels in the game. Never having heard of it, a fan claimed that “it didn’t exist.”

Jeonghan wouldn’t let the comment confuse him. It was something that he remembered as clear as day. He confidently said, “No! It did… I’m telling you.” He then learned why the fan hadn’t believed him. It wasn’t about the game itself.

The game had been released long before the fan’s time, “Oh, you were not born at that time? I’m sorry.” After finding out the thirteen year age difference between him and the fan, it caused Jeonghan to start a conversation about ages.

To soothe the younger fan, he pointed out how old he was himself, “I’m the old one. Right, I’m twenty-six.” Even so, he made it known there was nothing wrong with being older. There were plenty of other things to focus on rather than age. “Time flies, be happy everyone. I’m always a high school student inside.”

Jeonghan gave positivity to those who were around his age and older, “It’s fine. Those who are 25, 26… We are still young.” He took it even further by saying, “Age doesn’t matter. Everybody, fighting!”

Deep inside, everyone is young at heart and should do whatever makes them happiest. No matter what your age is, if listening to and supporting K-Pop is what makes you happy, Jeonghan wholeheartedly approves.

Listen to Jeonghan comfort everyone about their age, especially older fans, and spread the pursuit of happiness. It starts at 32:38.