SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And DK Are Even In-Sync When Handling A Stage Mishap

Their teamwork is truly next level.

After gracing everyone with the catchy tune “Left & Right”, SEVENTEEN made a comeback with their equally catchy title track “HOME;RUN”. While the group slayed their comeback stage on M COUNTDOWN with a performance to be remembered, it didn’t happen without a minor mishap.

From the smooth way Jeonghan and DK handled it, they proved the group could even do that in-sync.

Soon after Jeonghan made a dramatically magical appearance by popping up from behind a clothing rack in Vernon‘s place, he turned on his charisma as he gazed into the camera. When he lifted his right arm from the rack, that’s when the mishap began.

The buttons on the sleeve of Jeonghan’s blazer had caught onto one of the hangers from the rack. Though DK had been gazing forward into the camera as well, he’d turned around just in time to notice.

As Jeonghan walked off for the next scene, the hanger trailed behind him for less than four seconds. DK quickly turned around and tugged on the clothing to detach it. Jeonghan even swung his arm at the same moment to make the movement look natural.

They handled the mishap together so smoothly that no had even noticed until a few eagle-eyed fans caught the brief moment. The fact that DK acted so quickly to help Jeonghan proved that he not only has his members’ backs, but their teamwork is on a whole other level.

Take a closer look at the short scene to see how well DK and Jeonghan can be on the same page without even realizing it.


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