SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Failed Prank On S.Coups Instead Revealed Why He’s The Perfect Leader

They were all laughing in the end, thanks to S.Coups.

Being in a group of thirteen people can be a massive undertaking all by itself. Being the leader of one? That would test anyone’s willpower. Somehow, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups is able to do it well.

In a behind-the-scenes clip of their series IF, Jeonghan attempted to pull a prank on him that proved precisely why he’s such a great leader of their team.

After picking a mission from spinning the wheel, Jeonghan needed to send a text message to a member who wasn’t on set. Seungkwan came up with the suggestion, “I think it will be fun to see S.Coups’s reaction.”

Jeonghan didn’t disagree. He quickly sent the message, “S.Coups, I’m sorry. I can’t do this any longer,” to their unsuspecting leader.

Although the mission turned out to be a fail since S.Coups didn’t respond to the message within a minute, that didn’t stop him from taking it seriously. During Seungkwan’s turn, Jeonghan received more than a message from their leader, “I got a call.”

As soon as Jeonghan answered it, S.Coups was ready to soothe his emotions and gently handle the situation. In the softest voice, S.Coups asked, “What are you talking about?” Jeonghan then began his lie, “We are just shooting, and they are fighting.” Hearing that caused S.Coups to go straight into leader mode.

S.Coups’s voice completely changed. Noting that the problem was more serious than he thought, his voice switched from gentle to tough, “Why are they fighting?” The change even had Seungkwan holding back his laughter.

Since they weren’t prepared to take the prank so far, Jeonghan had to create his own excuse to keep it going. That’s when it took a funny turn. He said, “I mean…of course, they are hungry.” S.Coups saw right through him, “Hey. If it’s a prank, do it right!”

Knowing all their habits, especially when they’re not truthful, S.Coups didn’t believe a word. Jeonghan asked how he’d been able to figure it out and if someone had tipped him off. S.Coups simply said, “Nobody told me, but your acting is weird!” That made them really crack up, even DK.

While the prank had been a total and utter failure, it proved that S.Coups is the perfect leader for their team. Not only can he be gentle in handling their feelings and listening to their issues, but he can be tough in putting his foot down and seeing through their lies.

He even knows all their habits. Those are the skills every leader needs. Watch S.Coups prove how awesome of a leader he is here.