SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Answered All The Fan Questions About His Pet Rock

Girl? Boy? Age? Jeonghan shared all the deets.

Not too long ago, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan caused fans to go wild over his new pet. Rather than a cute puppy or kitten to cuddle up with, the idol instead revealed a pet rock—which was so popular among fans that it quickly sold out.

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In Jeonghan’s recent posts to Weverse, he showed how much he was taking care of his new pet. With a flat-screen TV, fancy piano, and a cool guitar, Doljjong has all the entertainment they need from the comfort of their own bed.

Doljjong | Weverse

Whenever Doljjong needs to clean themself up a little—especially after knocking back all those beers—and start training, Jeonghan has them covered. Naturally, Carats had a few questions.

Since pets typically have a specific gender, one fan asked whether Doljjong was a boy or a girl. Jeonghan didn’t choose either and offered a different answer.

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Doljjong is a special case because they’re not a traditional pet. Jeonghan said, “It’s a stone, so there’s no such thing.

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Because Doljjong is only about two weeks old, many were amused that Jeonghan had not only given them a drink but an assortment of beers. Jeonghan had an equally amusing response to that as well.

Jeonghan revealed that Doljjong had lived long enough to earn the right, claiming his pet was “over three hundred years old” and joking that everyone should be calling him “Doljjong-nim.

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Although fans got a glimpse of Doljjong’s hobbies and fun facts thanks to Jeonghan, everyone will be keeping watch over their amusing life together.

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