SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Exposes Funny HYBE Security Flaw That Trapped Him In The Building

Jeonghan was ready to break the system 😂

While HYBE artists TXT, Lee Hyun, and ENHYPEN have shared the numerous times they’ve gotten lost in the new building, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan‘s experience takes the cake.

Through a live broadcast that’s now removed for an overly detailed account of HYBE’s security measures, Jeonghan and DK shared the funny security flaw that’s trapped them in the building more than once.

DK and Jeonghan.

Whenever Jeonghan enters the HYBE building, he always encounters a problem with one particular security checkpoint. He said, “At the third security system, things don’t work.

He wasn’t alone in this. After bursting into laughter, DK admitted, “To be honest, I also get angry sometimes from that.

Jeonghan shared what makes it funny yet frustrating: “What’s funny about that is… When I scanned my face, the system didn’t recognize it. So there’s no way to get out.

It was a lose-lose situation. While Jeonghan couldn’t go further into the building, he also couldn’t go back. Jeonghan explained, “The door behind me is locked, so I can’t get out. And if you don’t have your phone, you’re trapped there.

Since a manager was with Jeonghan, he thought the problem would be easily solved. Jeonghan instead said, “The manager tried, but he couldn’t open it… The manager’s card didn’t work.

Keeping DK laughing, Jeonghan expressed how frustrated he’d been at the time, “If I have to wait any longer, I might break it. ‘Please open the door quickly.’

While Jeonghan and DK both agree that HYBE’s security measures are high quality and appreciate them, their facial recognition feature may need some more testing.

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram