TXT Reveals Whether The Members Still Get Lost In The New HYBE Building

Can you blame them?

BigHit Entertainment has gone through some significant changes in the past year, from changing its name to HYBE and moving buildings.

Yet, fans have noticed that, with the new move to a bigger building, several artists have managed to get lost. Lee Hyun struggled to find his room while filming for his YouTube channel and TXT‘s Beomgyu revealed on VLIVE that he had also got lost.

| 혀니콤보 TV/YouTube   

In a recent video with AskAnythingChat, the members of TXT answered several fan questions. One asked whether the members still get lost inside of the new building.

At first, the members seemed to have mixed answers. While Hueningkai and Taehyun explained that they don’t get lost anymore, the other members honestly added that they still did. In particular, Yeonjun explained that he gets lost often, “When I get off the elevator I sometimes go one way and realize ‘Ah, I need to go the other way.'”

Soobin agreed, saying that it was easy to mix up. Yet, despite still getting lost, Beomgyu added that they now know when they might be lost, saying, “We know at least we are going in the wrong direction.”

After seeing tours of the building, it is not surprising that Taehyun thought that HYBE resembled a department store. Yet, although it might not be a full-proof method yet, Soobin pointed out that there were certain markers he looked for when moving around the building.

On every floor, one end has a water dispenser, and the other end has the bathroom. I get so mad when I see the water dispenser when I was trying to go to the bathroom.

— Soobin

The perfect explanation came from Hueningkai who described HYBE as “a maze.” It seems as if you would definitely need a map to find your way around HYBE, and hopefully, as time goes on, the artists find it easier to navigate around the building!

You can watch the whole video building.

Source: AskAnythingChat and FI