TXT’s Beomgyu Is Another Artist Who Got Lost In The New HYBE Building

Lots of artists have spoken about how big the building is!

Big Hit Entertainment recently went through several changes as they changed their name to HYBE and moved into a new building.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

Many artists have spoken about the new HYBE building and how huge it is. Singer Lee Hyun even got lost when giving a tour of the building!

Lee Hyun isn’t the only one who has gotten lost in the new HYBE building, as TXT‘s Beomgyu has as well!

TXT’s Beomgyu

Beomgyu shared that he only goes to several places in the HYBE building in a recent live broadcast, so he usually doesn’t get lost.

However, Beomgyu recently was with Soobin, and he “deviated to an unexpected path” and got lost!

Beomgyu ended up learning from this, and he no longer gets lost in the HYBE building.

It looks like the new HYBE building is “causing” some hilarious “problems!”

Source: Naver Live