A SEVENTEEN Member Is Mesmerizing Both Fans And Non-Fans With His “Celebrity-Like” Visuals And Aura In Old Candid Photo

He’s naturally charismatic!

A member of SEVENTEEN is gaining widespread attention for his gorgeous visuals!

On November 10, an old photo of member Jeonghan circled around the internet. It was taken from afar seemingly by a random bystander, and it accurately showed off his model-like appearance and intense aura.

Here in this viral image, Jeonghan was seen leaning on the ledge of a stone stairway. A handful of people were focused directly on him, taking several pictures while he posed professionally.

The image was shot over a year ago in the winter season. CARATs have long since edited and shared the photo online, all agreeing that he gave off an irresistible old school charm. Even non-fans agreed that he looked “celestial” and “incredibly handsome,” noting that he embodied the image of a celebrity.

Besides this specific shoot, Jeonghan also took several casual photos around the area. From standing in front of a bridge…

…to sitting on a random bench, he was breathtaking!

Even with his back to the camera, his good looks were undeniable.

This is far from the first time he stunned the public with his visuals. Be it an award show appearance, stage performance, or his own Instagram post, he is a visual through and through!

Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
Source: Pann


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