SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Punches A “Mannequin” And Instantly Regrets It

His body moved before he could process what was happening.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan was in for a special surprise when thinking he was only completing a simple MBTI test.


Left alone in a room, he didn’t suspect a thing until a suitcase dropped from one of the mannequin’s hands. He turned around at the sound and stated that something was going on.

When the lights suddenly flickered off and the mannequins moved closer, Jeonghan hadn’t been ready.

Shortly after the lights came back on and the mannequins were right beside him, Jeonghan was shocked enough to punch one.

Once he realized that it was a real person rather than a mannequin, he quickly apologized and shook their hand to show his sincerity.

Jeonghan couldn’t get over it though and explained that he didn’t think it had been a real person.

When he spoke to S.Coups afterward, Jeonghan told him he’d hit the person thinking they were a robot.

One thing’s for sure: SEVENTEEN has someone on their team that will defend them whenever necessary, even if it gets physical.

Watch Jeonghan’s funny reaction and listen to his explanation here.