SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Revealed Why He Wouldn’t Let Any Member Date His Sister

Big brother Jeonghan isn’t playing games with his little sis.

SEVENTEEN‘s bond goes far beyond being a group. They’ve become a family, with their own families growing just as close with one another—despite being in different countries. Even so, there’s one thing that Jeonghan won’t allow.

Although his members are essentially his brothers, he wouldn’t ever allow them to date his younger sister. During the group’s appearance on Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio, Jeonghan revealed the heartwarming reason why.

When Park Kyung asked if any of them would introduce their sisters to a fellow member, all of them rejected the idea. They knew each other far too well. He then directed the question to those who actually had younger sisters: Vernon, Mingyu, and Jeonghan. “I asked, ‘Which member would you want to introduce to your younger sister?’ There was no one. Who here has a younger sister?

Park Kyung decided to pick one of them to respond to the question, singling out Jeonghan, “Jeonghan, you can’t introduce your younger sister to anyone?” Jeonghan explained that he didn’t have a problem with his members communicating with his sister, “Of course I can introduce her to my members so that we can all get along, but…” He wouldn’t allow it to go any further than that.

Whenever his younger sister brought home a boyfriend for their family to meet, Jeonghan’s protective instincts kicked in. He didn’t like the sight of it, “I kind of get sad and disappointed when my sister brings her boyfriend over. Regardless [of who]. So I get a little sad and disappointed. So it’s not like I dislike the boyfriend because she brings him over, but…

It wasn’t the boyfriend Jeonghan had a problem with. He was similar to his dad in that he didn’t want to see anyone with his sweet, younger sister, “Kind of like how a dad might feel? Our dad, [he] is like that too. He gets sad.

In the end, there weren’t any funny habits or personality flaws of the members that prevented Jeonghan from introducing them to his sister. He was just being a caring, protective older brother who wasn’t fond of seeing her grow up and dating anyone at all.

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